Tuesday, 29 May 2007

The twisty one

After my first visit to gingko,with Tony Tickle,we stuck up a deal for me to take him collecting,and this was the first tree i collected with Tony.When you've collected a tree from the wild,nurtured it and looked after it for a few years,it almost feel's like a part of you is in there.I've offered this as trade a few time's,but it's still here for a variety of reason's.Maybe no one can really see what the future in the tree is?

This got me wondering,why? So with my new found virtual skill's(visit wirral bonsai's web site for some excellent free tuition)i got going on this the other night.This is what i'd had in mind for a while,i dont know what attracted me to it when i first seen it,other than the obvious first branch.So what do you think?

The 2nd pic is with a pot i "robbed" off Andy"stonemonkey" Pearson's site,quite a nice match i think.I also think it would look better with one of Doug Mudd's stands under it!

1 comment:

The Stone Monkey said...

Looks like a good virtual Lee. The pot goes well with it too. Look forward to seeing this one blossom. Ash crackle glaze springs to mind....