Monday, 7 May 2007

The Kawabe Itoigawa

I read a long history once of the shimpaku junipers on the wbff site which inspired me to get one of these rare beasts,the man who has inspired me a lot in bonsai also is Takeo Kawabe,he rose from a similar job to the one i do myself to his current place around the table of bonsai greats!
To cut a long story short i ended up aquirring this tree from Steve Tolley,had a pot made by Gordon Duffet,a beautiful stand from Douggie Mudd and took it back to Steve for a workshop on it.entered into the newstead award,narrowly missed out on the award itself but it did qualify for gingko.
Better luck in sept at gingko hopefully,make yourself known if you see me there,cant wait for it!

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