Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Les in japan pt2

yes Les we all know where you've been!

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Barton's pine

This is a Pinus Strobus which belong's to Les,he kindly let me work on it recently,it was originally styled by the great Dan Barton,a honour indeed to rework this.

As is the great tradition of things we didnt take any before shots,which is a pity as it was very overgrown,and really was'nt very inspiring to look at,but it began to catch my eye as Les was clearing it out,and a wiring challenge was set.

It would be impossible to know what Dan's original intentions were for the tree,but this is what i tried to envisage,after all Dan is the master.It turned into a very naturalistic pine,and as this is only a 2nd styling all the needles were left downwards,not upwards(a tip which marco told me).

So now barton's pine is reborn,it really doesnt matter who done the 1st 2nd 3rd or 100th styling of a tree,what matter's is the tree itself and the input everyone as a whole has into it,we all must learn to be less egotystical about who done what when,it really is'nt important,what is important is to keep the spirit of this tree which Dan installed into it,i think Barton's pine is a fitting tribute to what could one day become a very good tree.

2 greenhouse pics from a few years ago,other from sunday after styling,the basic structure

(blueprint for success)is now there

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Les's trip to Japan pt1

A good mate of mine,Les had the good fortune to somehow wangle a all expenses paid trip to Japan this year,about the only good thing to say about him is that at least he gave me the pictures! So over the next few weeks i'll try and put a good selection of pictures,starting with kimura's garden,then kobayashi's,followed up with a satsuki show,and then a few of the vendor's garden's,anything to declare in that hand luggage Les?

blast off!!!

I'm going to sand blast my kawabe juniper on fri morning,this tree will go to the prestigous gingko show this year,i'll put some pics up here after that,i've already enhanced the carving,tommorow i'll prep it all up so none of the live gets damaged.

Sabina juniper

This is one from a earlier post,i've decided to show it on this stand this year instead,i think it looks better.This is it before i worked the foliage,and afterwards a few weeks ago,i've since enhanced the carving,but you'll have to come to the show to see that,or wait till i put some pics up next week.

Wirral bonsai society annual show

It's our local show this weekend,i've just finished getting a few of my tree's ready for it,a few shohin and a sabina juniper,i'll put some pics on here and the ibc etc