Sunday, 13 May 2007

So you think you love bonsai?

How much? This much? Some people seem to wonder why collected tree's attract such a premium price,but when you injure yourself like this and then have to spend a lot of time off work,it makes you wonder why they are'nt more expensive!

This hernia(5in long!) was the result of collecting a monster hawthorn,which incidentally is doing slightly better than me at the current time!

And yes it was worth it,but your not seeing it yet,i never put a pic of a tree on the"net" until i know it is alive,but if i was asked again if i wanted to collect it,but was told beforehand of the consequence's,i would still have collected it,yes THAT GOOD.

I dont name tree's,but if it pulls through it's name will be earnest attaal,earnest because my sons couldnt get henia out properly,and ataal was the surgeon,wait till you see it,it could ruin your day!


reyt said...

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Todo pasa por una razon said...

The tree is powerfull, because pone en contacto con la naturaleza.


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