Monday, 7 May 2007

Andy's Juniper

I got this san jose off Graham Potter in a rather drunken moment,it is'nt actually Andy hardman's tree,but he badgers me for it and make's eye's at it like a young lover would,so it got it's name! I almost feel like i've only loaned it to myself!
I cut about a foot of growth off the top of it almost as soon as i got it,and chose the front based on the fact that 3 sides gave it a slight inverse taper,but over the last few years it seem's to have been stretched slightly at the soil line.
I spoke with Terry Foster at the burrs bash recently,and he suggested what i had in mind,but with more of a tilt,this seemed to work nicely so i set about it,and finished it off the next day.
I'm now left wit 2 decisions for the pot,a lovely walsall nan ban or a beautifull pre cambrian rock off Terry,if only all things were that hard!

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