Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Forget bonsai,for one night only!

Tonight's the big one,sashi eda's,tachi aga's and araki's will be forgotten for one night(and most of tomorrow while i nurse my head!),the beers are in the fridge lined up like soldier's!The pizza's are chillin before i fire the oven up later!The big telly is receiving a pre match warm up with liverpool matches of old,the kop choir are in full voice on the surround system!Then at 7:45 tonight a sane man will turn into a lunatic,hurl abuse at his telly,think that he can actually change a referee's mind from 2000 miles away,then when it's all over come back down to planet earth(hopefully tomorrow!)

Come on the reds,no apologies for the people born into stupidity and mediocrity around here,aka everton and tranmere fans! here we go gathering cups in may!

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