Monday, 7 May 2007

Shohin Satsuki

I bought this utterly raw multi coloured flowering one from dai~ishii,a good few years ago,it was 18 in high then,had many branches as thick as the trunk which where unusable and other than the nebari i couldnt see anything in it,but it was cheap~ish!
When i got it home i spent a good while looking at it,and couldnt do anything with what was there,so over the next few months i eliminated everything i didnt want and ended up with.......
nothing but a bare trunk with a few buds on!
The tree responded well and popped out after 3 yrs into the little cracker it's need's a pot next year,if one of my potter friends comes up with something i may be tempted to do it next year,it's on it's way to becoming a very likeable tree,and it may stay in my collection unless i get a good offer for it!
Obviously much more ramification is to come,flowering has been postponed again for this year to help with that,but things are looking good!
pic 1 18 months ago
pic 2 may 07

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