Tuesday, 20 March 2007

The Swiss Juniper

This Common Juniper was collected from the Swiss Alps by pius Notter's son,approx 4yrs ago.I "acquired it"about 2yrs ago,because i love this species,but unfortunately they are almost impossible to collect in the uk.I loved the twist in the deadwood and decided straight away this must somehow become the focal point of the tree.
So after patiently waiting for 18 months,i decided to go ahead with the first styling at Tony Tickle's excellent Burrs bash last November.I'd been pruning the tree during the time i had it to produce a more fibrous root system,i will discover later if this worked in sept this year.
I already pretty much new what i wanted to do,the tree threw up 3 different option's,but only one of these highlighted the beautifully twisted jin,so after discussing it with Terry Foster i went ahead with my plan.
It went along quite easily,and 6 months later is budding up beautifully,so hopefully in a few years i can show this lovely little tree,now i've got to get my head around a pot design,any ideas?

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