Friday, 16 March 2007

The Spanish Juniper

This chuhin Sabina Juniper was bought as rough stock from dai~ishi bonsai in a half price sale 4yrs ago not long after i became "obsessed" with the bonsai bug.I changed the front,carved it a little and re~worked the foliage,i thought it looked great!
Quickly i realised although other people were quite impressed,it was nothing like the image i wanted and began a very intense fertilizer regime consisting of balance 6'6'6 on the soil surface and fish emulsion on the foliage,this along with regular pinching helped it bloom into something much more beautiful.
All this meant the wire dug in,and as a consequence it has needed re~wiring every 6months since.Now the heavy feeding is coming to a end,the tree is starting to resemble the image i wanted,and is set to be a decent image.More carving and branch removal has followed,and last year(2006) it recieved a honourable mention in the wbff photo competition,not bad for a bit of tat!
1st pic show 2004
2nd pic before club show 2005
3rd pic wbff pic 2006
4th pic shohin bonsai show 2007

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Tony T said...

bonsai is a Journey...not a destination.... great to see your work online.