Monday, 19 November 2007

gong to gingko pt5

The night came the kids were kissed goodbye the car was loaded pleasentries exchanged with the loved one etc!

And that was it then,easy st now pick up Ian reload the car at Tonys pop over to gingko show some trees drink some beer talk a load of crap drink some more beer spend a load of money make new friends from all over the world have some lovely food come home feeling drained....

Gingko really is special,but i think its right Danny is holding the show every 5 yrs instead now.It was holding bonsai back,people were rushing just to get a tree in at each one,i may be guilty of getting caught up in that as well,i think things may just move at a slower pace now,the correct speed for bonsai.There are shortcuts to succsess,but there the longer road to getting it right.My route has changed now.


Iain Q said...

Nice to see your Ginkgo en'tree' at last. The blasting sure brought out some texture.
Nice one!

Andrea Trevisan said...

Beautiful work for this shimpaku, I like your blog :)